Kirkland Piano Studio offers specialized opportunities to improve students' piano performance and musicianship. MasterclassA masterclass is intended for a group of students in a classroom-like setting. In a masterclass session, students will be performed in front of other students and an instructor or a guest adjudicator. An instructor will provide valuable feedback to individuals and other students will have the experience of watching other students performing as observers. We also record the entire session so each student has an opportunity to remind them what they learn from it.

Piano performance ClassThe piano performance class is a student and instructor interactive constructive recital-style setting class. This piano performance class provides students to perform and give comments for each other. Students learn to listen critically to their own performance, improve technique, acquire a deeper understanding of their repertoire, and share their ideas and knowledge with their peers.  Piano RecitalsThe piano recitals provide an opportunity for students to show their work in front of a crowd. This amazing and exciting event motivates student to practice harder and gives your child the recognition they deserve for their hard-work.  Performing and speaking in a encouraging environment will provide your child acquire confidence in front of the audience. Kids also getting inspired by listening to advanced performers. This event also gives them a chance to share their love of piano with their extended family and friends! We see many students improve on their musicianship and piano performance through our program. It especially helps many students who challenging piano competitions and those who want to improve their performance so we encourage everyone to participate! Feel free to reach out to us if you have any questions regarding our masterclass and performance class.

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