Congratulations! Ms. Jenny received the 2019 Royal Conservatory of Music Center Award. Click here to find her name on the Royal Conservatory of Music certified teacher list.

The Royal Conservatory of Music Certificate Program (RCM)

As a RCM certified teacher, Ms. Jenny is now preparing and providing students to achieve The Royal Conservatory of Music Certificate Program for Piano and Music theory. For more than 130 years, The RCM has offered an internationally renowned certificate program of music study and assessment. The RCM certificate program is considered one of the finest and highest music educations around the world. What is The Royal Conservatory Certificate Program?The RCM Certificate Program is a world-class comprehensive music study and assessment, beginning with the preparatory levels, followed by levels 1-10.  With the completion of each level, students receives a certificate of achievement and they become more knowledgeable in music subjects and refine their extended skills for lifelong appreciation for music.

What are the benefits of The Royal Conservatory Certificate Program?

Students who successfully complete exams see benefits in their daily lives and in their music training.

  • High quality: The Royal Conservatory offers a rigorous program ensuring students learn skills ranging from prep level to advance.
  • Comprehensive: The RCM Certificate Program includes repertoire, etudes, technique, sight-reading, ear training, musicianship, and theory.
  • Well-rounded Structure: The program provides a consistent clear path for well-rounded musical training, and meaningful structure for rewarding excellence.
  • Recognition of Achievement: Student achievement is recognized at each level through examinations. Students can celebrate their accomplishments and track their progress.
  • Accredited Assessments: An accredited examiner from the RCM's College of Examiners provides objective feedback and comments which can be valuable in developing the student’s skills.
  • Eligible to win Gold Medal awards and to be invited to attend a Celebration of Excellence recital.
  • High School Credit: Many high schools recognize RCM Certificate Program examinations for credit toward graduation.
  • College Application (extracurricular): An impressive addition to any resume- demonstrates musical accomplishments, creativity, a willingness to learn, and the ability to achieve goals.
  • Students who participate in RCM examinations tend to become more dedicated to their instrument and practice more often.
  • Achievement in RCM Certificate Program examinations is an impressive addition to any resume. More than just sharing individual’s musical accomplishments, it is indicative of their creativity, a willingness to learn, an ability to set both short and long-term goals, and a commitment to achieving difficult tasks.

We encourage all our students to take examinations to challenge themselves and help build their confidence! Are you interested in The Royal Conservatory of Music Certificate Programs? If so, please read the RCM Guide to Examinations and RCM Guide for Parents.If you have more questions, please feel free to contact Ms. Jenny.Also, Please visit the RCM website if you want to learn more information.

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