RCM (The Royal Conservatory of Music) examinations are great for college applications. These items can be listed under the awards/honors section or extracurricular activities on the college application. I’m an RCM certified teacher who can help you achieve your goal.

Why Take an Exam?

– inspires excellence through individual student assessments at each level(prep-level 10)
– impressive extracurricular activities that are similar to the level of a varsity sport
(nonrecruited) depends on its level.
– achievements and certification is an impressive addition to any resume
– this program accelerates the development of musical literacy, increases understanding of the
vocabulary, grammar, and syntax of the musical language
– are a great way for them to show off student progression and achievements and a wonderful way to
celebrate student success along their music journey

Additional benefits

– Eligible to win Gold Medal awards from The Royal Conservatory.
– Many high schools recognize The Royal Conservatory examinations for credit toward graduation.
– Get accredited examiner’s(RCM college Examiner)feedback and comments which can be valuable in
developing the student’s skills.
– Students who participate in this program tend to become more dedicated to their instrument and
practice more often.

If you like to learn more about RCM exam program please click here or if you interested to earn these certificates please call me at (425) 753-8757 or send me an email.