The course includes eight 10-minute unit tests worth a total of 40% of the overall mark and one 1-hour final exam worth 60% of the overall mark. All unit tests and the final exam are available on demand. They can be attempted by students at any time and in any place that has a reliable internet connection, but all unit tests must be completed prior to the final exam. For the final exam, it is strongly recommended:

The Level 5-8 Theory requirements are now available for study as a digital course with online exam, providing a complete digital learning experience. Students working in the digital environment are offered unlimited practice opportunities which allows them to become familiar with both the content and question types before attempting either the unit tests or final examination.

  1. That the online final exam be proctored* in case the exam is ever submitted for secondary school credit;
  2. That students confirm with their school that a proctored* online exam will be accepted for secondary school credit.

To ensure the academic integrity of the exam, the Proctor should NOT be a relative (e.g. mother, father, brother, sister, aunt, uncle, cousin, etc.) NOR should the Proctor be the personal music teacher of the exam candidate.

In light of the current global need for social distancing, the proctoring requirement for online exams will be waived as a one-time exception effective March 17, 2020.